Spice up your event with a digital guestbook

Capturing moments: introduce Guestbook.tv to your parties and events

Create a digital album to collect and share messages, photos and selfies from your guests and customers.


Spice up your events and preserve memories. Effortlessly.


Elevate Fun & Engagement

Turn your event into an unforgettable experience, guaranteeing a great time for all. Combine the fun of a Photo Booth with the thrill of sharing selfies on a grand screen!

Gather and keep memories of your event

Preserve your memories

Capture photos, messages, and reactions from your guests in a memorable gallery and shareable PDF. Share it with your customers; they'll love it and return for more!

Quick and effortless to set up

Easy and fast to set up

No tech troubles for you or your customers: seamless and fast setup, instant access, streaming device support, no apps required.

How to use it

Create, invite, display and share. It all begins with a QR code!

Create and invite

Create your custom guestbook in seconds and effortlessly invite customers to join using the URL, code, or QR code.

Scan this code for a demo

QR Code for a demo
Display on TV or screen

Sync guestbook.tv with your TV for instant, real-time guestbook sharing. Messages from customers on mobile display immediately.

Connect your digital guestbook to one or more TV using chromecastRemote control your digital guestbook using your phone
Print and Share

After your event, effortlessly generate a ready-to-print guestbook album and a Gallery Site to conveniently share with your guests.

Printable digital guestbook, render as PDf and then share or print
Many events. One guestbook.

Our Guestbooks for professionals: capturing life's most special moments.

Create a digital guestbook for art enthusiasts to share their thoughts and impressions.
Galleries, Museum and Exhibitions

From museums to galleries, discover interactive experiences that enrich every visit.

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Guestbook.tv: Elevating Charity Fundraising
Charity and Nonprofits

Enhance donor engagement and gratitude by creating digital guestbooks for fundraising events.

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A cruise
Cruise lines

From photoshoots to activities and dining, Guestbook ensures every moment aboard your ship is unforgettable.

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Concert, dance halls, events

Elevate fan engagement at concerts, dance halls, movie premieres, and more by seamlessly sharing great moments

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Event planners: Collect memories and messages from guests and customers, making it an event to remember.
Event planners

Collect memories and messages from guests and customers, making it an event to remember.

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Engage guests and capture the excitement at fashion events with a digital guestbook
Fashion Events

Engage guests and capture the excitement at fashion events with a digital guestbook

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Guestbook.tv Transforms Hotel Stays with Interactive Memories
Hotels and Hospitality

Offer guests a modern and tech-savvy way to share their experiences during their stay.

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Marketing and Branding Agencies

Create immersive brand experiences by incorporating digital guestbooks into events.

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Guestbook.tv Transforms Parties with Interactive Moments

Collect memories and messages from friends and family, making it an event to remember.

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A guestbook mobile for Restaurants and Bars: Share Photos and Reviews
Restaurants and bars

Let your customers share photos and reviews for a memorable dining experience

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Commemorate the end of a career with a special guestbook, filled with gratitude and good luck for the retiree's new adventures.

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Sport events

Engage fans and guests and capture the excitement at sports events with a digital guestbook

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Trade Shows and Expos

Foster networking and engagement among exhibitors and attendees.

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Provide a unique digital experience for your guests: transform events and capture digital memories

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Guestbook for Weddings? For this very special occasion, we have created https://wed.tv!

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Celebrate, Capture, Share: The Advantages of Guestbook.tv
Business event

Plan engaging business meetings, team events, and office parties effortlessly with Guestbook.tv.

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DYI Photo Booth with guestbook.tv
DYI Photo Booth Experience

Enhance your event with a free DIY photo booth! Elevate your photoshoots and parties with our creative photo booth ideas.

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Funerals and Memorials

Offer a space for attendees to share their condolences and fond memories of the departed.

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Capture the moment. Share it with your clients in real time.

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Why we're sure Guestbook.tv will make your event even more special

Moderate your digital guestbook

You have the option to approve each message before it appears. No one enters without the event code.

A digital guestbook with private messages
Enhanced Privacy

Guests can send you messages privately, without displaying them in the gallery.

A lightweight digital guestbook
Light and App-Free

No app downloads required; everything is so lightweight that it won't impact your data traffic.

A web guestbook compatible with all devices
Universal Compatibility

Enjoy seamless functionality across all devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.

A digital guestbook easy to setup
Easy setup

Get up and running in minutes with a simple and intuitive process. Do everything on your own.

A free to use digital guestbook without ads

Enjoy the benefits of a free platform without any ads. Upgrade only if you need it.

A remote friendly digital guestbook app

Even if your guests are unable to attend the event, they can still send messages and pics from wherever they are.

A digital guestbook slideshow on TV
TV animation

Generate an engaging real-time slideshow of messages to bring your event to life.

Download, Print, Share

Generate a PDF version and a gallery to share with just one click, making it easy to distribute to your guests and customers.

Try the free guestbook; unlock additional features and create as many guestbooks as you need by upgrading to the premium plan.

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